Candlelight: The Best of Hans Zimmer (with Fever Up)

concerts by candlelight

Candlelight is known for bringing classical music as well as various music genres out of traditional concert halls and into unique venues that are a part of each city’s cultural heritage (aquariums, cathedrals, museums...).

Our mission is to create an unforgettable music experience surrounded by thousands of candles (LED candles, no open flames!).  


  • Dune Suite
  • Dunkirk - Supermarine
  • Gladiator - Now We Are Free
  • Gladiator Suite
  • Inception - Time
  • Interstellar - Cornfield Chase
  • Madagascar - Zooster's Breakout
  • Man of Steel - Flight
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Suite
  • Sherlock Holmes - Discombobulate
  • The Dark Knight - A Dark Knight
  • The Lion King - This Land
  • The Pacific - Honor
  • Wonder Woman Theme

Ticket Information

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