Richard Dawkins on “Science, the Poetry of Reality, Jewel in Humanity’s Crown” and In Conversation with John Simpson

the pharos

The Pharos Lectures are an ongoing series of free public lectures and conversations delivered by the most distinguished public intellectuals. Like their namesake, the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria, they are intended to serve as a beacon and invitation to learning in a darkening age.

Richard Dawkins FRS FRSL is a world-renowned evolutionary biologist, author and atheist. He is an emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, and was Professor for Public Understanding of Science in the University of Oxford 1995-2008. He has written many acclaimed books including The Selfish Gene (OUP, 1976), The God Delusion (Bantam, 2006), and Flights of Fancy (Head of Zeus, 2021).

John Simpson CBE is an English foreign correspondent and world affairs editor of BBC News. He has reported from over 120 countries and is the author of many acclaimed works of non-fiction and novels, the most recent of which is Our Friends in Beijing (John Murray, 2021).

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